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I want to help solve your problem

Paul MiddletonPaul Middleton

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"What is my purpose?"

It's a question I've been considering a lot recently. I've survived until now (my mid-forties) happy working hard, finding someone to spend my life with, and having children.

I have never been motivated by money. I learnt early in my working life that you can be as well rewarded for enthusiasm and flexibility as anything else. This served me well because I have bucket loads of both.

My path through life has been largely opportunistic. I've taken easy options (often leading to difficult journeys) instead of creating my own choices. I've never been prepared for any of the jobs I've had, or businesses I've built. My career path is like a loosely connected set of stepping stones. Yet I've, thrived.

Now, it's different. I want to make choices. I want to choose how I spend the next decade of my life, and I want to do it with purpose, not just passion.

When I was younger it was easy to be energetic because everything was new. Now, I need to know that what I'm doing has meaning, if only for me. And that can only come through aligning with my purpose.

So, what is my purpose? I believe it is this:

To help people solve their own problems

What makes me think I can do this?

I have solved many problems. I enjoy solving problems. I would describe myself as a "problem solver". Small problems, epic problems, short- and long-term problems. Personal, financial or commercial problems. I love 'em!

BUT, what I love even more, is to create opportunities for you to solve your own problems. And if I can make it fun, even better.

Sometimes, that's as simple as being available to listen to you explain what the problem is. Other times it might be more involved, like building "Creative Thinking Workshops". Either way, that is where I will be applying my efforts from now on.